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Bone McAllester Norton, Nashville Law.Bone McAllester Norton, Nashville Law.Bone McAllester Norton, Nashville Law.Bone McAllester Norton, Nashville Law.

Bone McAllester Norton is a full-service law firm with offices in Nashville, Sumner County and Williamson County, Tennessee. Founded in 2002 with a focus on high-quality work, client satisfaction and community involvement, the firm consists today of more than 40 attorneys with an extensive range of practices and experiences. We function under a commitment to accessibility, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness and professionalism and focus on building creative and strategic solutions for every client. Learn more…

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Bone McAllester Norton’s Estate Planning, Probate Law, Wills and Trusts lawyers create and implement tax-saving strategies that harmonize with non-tax priorities and values. Our attorneys assist in drafting wills and durable powers of attorney, establishing and administering trusts, creating lifetime gifting strategies and forming tax-minimization strategies that ensure the distribution of clients’ assets according to their wishes.

The lawyers at Bone McAllester Norton have substantial experience in probate matters and can guide personal representatives, family and friends through this often difficult and emotional process. Our widely respected attorneys have decades of experience and have distinguished themselves as leaders in estate planning, administration and litigation.

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