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It was a pleasure to host Habitat for Humanity of TN @bonelaw tonight, along with many of TN's legislative leaders

12:39 AM - February 22, 2017

Check out @bonelaw's Alex Little @AlexLittleTN on Fox News tonight at 5:40 CST!

11:02 PM - January 29, 2017

Happy to host the Nashville Academy of Medicine's President's Reception tonight. Welcome to BoneLaw! @bonelaw,…

10:32 PM - January 24, 2017

.@vjhickman thk u!! #MLKwithBoneLaw #MLKDAY Still on #Cloud9 bc of @AmbAndrewYoung @MayorMeganBarry and @realDonaldTrump #WhoKnew #Nashville

1:47 AM - January 18, 2017

.@rolandsmartin it was an honor to host @AmbAndrewYoung in #Nashville on #MLKDAY Tks for sharing w ur aud.…

12:35 AM - January 18, 2017

.@MayorMeganBarry thank you for being part of yesterday. An amazing opportunity to have you together with…

12:25 AM - January 18, 2017

.@mccrarysisters you are amazing! Thank you so much for adding your beautiful voices to our event! #MLKwithBoneLaw…

12:17 AM - January 18, 2017

@AmbAndrewYoung was amazing, wasn't he! Thanks for yesterday @AnthonyTOwens!

1:56 PM - January 17, 2017

The @mccrarysisters are taking us out with "I'll Take You There." 🎶🎶 #MLKwithBoneLaw #KingDay2017

3:07 PM - January 16, 2017


2:41 PM - January 16, 2017

RT @YWCANashville: Great way to start #MLKday2017. Pamela, Tom & @MayorMeganBarry #MLKwithBoneLaw #onamission

2:40 PM - January 16, 2017

"We have to reintegrate, not racially but generationally. -@AmbAndrewYoung #MLKwithBoneLaw #KingDay2017

2:40 PM - January 16, 2017

"Don't ever pass a child or a teenage without speaking. One crisis we have is that we are scared of kids" -@AmbAndrewYoung #MLKwithBoneLaw

2:37 PM - January 16, 2017

"I wasn't worried about the future, because I know who holds the future." -@AmbAndrewYoung #MLKwithBoneLaw #KingDay2017

2:29 PM - January 16, 2017

RT @bizbellamy: This is amazing and my heart is full. Standing room only for @bonelaw's #MLKday breakfast as we listen to Ambassador Andrew…

2:27 PM - January 16, 2017

RT @tnmetro: Ambassador Andrew Young says at @bonelaw #MLK breakfast that story of Nashville sit-ins prompted him and his family to move ba…

2:19 PM - January 16, 2017

RT @jhollymc: @AmbAndrewYoung live and on screen at @bonelaw MLK Breakfast. #MLKwithBoneLaw #MLKDay

2:19 PM - January 16, 2017

RT @AnthonyTOwens: Ambassador Andrew Young addressing the audience this morning #MLKwithBoneLaw @bonelaw

2:19 PM - January 16, 2017

Ambassador Andrew Young delivers a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKwithBoneLaw #KingDay2017

2:19 PM - January 16, 2017

Thanks for attending! #MLKwithBoneLaw #KingDay2017

2:13 PM - January 16, 2017

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