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Attorney James Mackler Discusses Pentagon's Investigation Into Cutting Military Pension Plans

James Mackler was interviewed by Channel 2 about the possible pension cuts facing the US Military.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Almost 10 years ago America, for the first time in modern history, was attacked at home.

Thousands of young men and women decided they couldn't sit at home. They wanted to serve.

Attorney James Mackler was one of them.

"I was in private practice for about seven years in Colorado and after September 11, I decided to join the army and be a part of the fight that was going on," Mackler recalled. "Our country had just been attacked, so I went to my local recruiting station and said, ‘Hey I want to join up.'"

Mackler went to flight school and in 2005 was deployed with the Ft. Campbell 101st Airborne Division as a Black Hawk Pilot. Today he's a Reservist back to practicing law in the private sector.


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