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Bone McAllester Norton 2015 Highlights

Bone McAllester Norton 2015 Highlights
Clients and Friends,
Charles W. Bone - Bone Mcallester NortonWe've recently learned from the Nashville Business Journal that our firm ranks as the sixth largest law firm in Nashville (behind the five large, multi-state firms here). While not a surprise, this news provided an opportunity to reflect back to 2002 when a small group of us joined with a genuine sense of excitement.
"The creation of Bone McAllester Norton in 2002 is what I consider the most significant development of my career.  Every lawyer is treated as a partner, we embraced state-of-the-art technology, hired the best team, and aggressively pursued diversity."
Mike Norton wrote those words shortly before he passed away in 2015, the year we said farewell to our distinguished name partner and best friend.  Mike was a renaissance man in every sense of the word, a person with remarkable legal intellect but even more so, an incredible person who shared his love of art, music, film, baseball, postcards, postage stamps, food, and scripture with an untold variety of clients, friends, artists, and students of art and the law.
While we've grieved the loss of Mike in 2015 we have been lifted up by the unprecedented demand for the expertise of our firm's lawyers.  Our success in 2015 speaks to Mike Norton's legacy and his pride in the firm we founded. We invite you to share in our reflections on 2015.
BoneLaw Participates in Nashville Real Estate Boom
Charles Robert Bone was selected as lead counsel by Southwest Value Partners to assist in
its $125 million acquisition of the LifeWay Christian Resources campus in downtown Nashville.  According to the Nashville Business Journal, "the transaction was the second-largest sum of money ever paid for a Nashville property or building."

Distilleries Everywhere and Lots to Drink! - Tennessee moving forward as “Spirits Capital of the U.S.” 
Distillery Winery Brewery - Bone McAllester NortonTennessee has always been known for Jack Daniels and George Dickel, but over the past 5 years the distillery movement has positioned Tennessee to become the “Spirits Capital of the United States”.

In the Courtroom
Ed Yarbrough and Alex Little were honored to represent the victim in the Vanderbilt rape case before the Tennessee Supreme Court in a case of first impression to protect her privacy under the Tennessee Victim’s Rights amendment of the Tennessee Constitution.
BoneLaw Client 4-Top Hospitality bringing its cont...
Wellness Works at Bone McAllester Norton!

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