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Bone McAllester Norton Responding to the Nashville Tornadoes

Nashville-Skyline-Bone-McAllester-Norton-Cover Bone McAllester Norton Responding to the Nashville Tornadoes

This week, a wave of deadly tornadoes hit Nashville and Middle Tennessee, and these tragedies have reminded us that Bone McAllester Norton is deeply rooted in our community. So many of our firm’s friends and clients have reached out to check on us, and we are grateful for their support during this time. No one has escaped the storm’s impact: friends have been displaced, businesses have been destroyed, and lives have been lost. Thankfully, everyone on our team is safe. But the pain is hitting close to home for the Bone McAllester Norton family as we have attorneys and relatives uprooted from homes and jobs.

 In true Nashville fashion, though, our firm has jumped right in to respond. We hurt and respond together because we are so embedded in this community. Some of our lawyers, like Doug Sloan, grabbed a chainsaw to help cut down debris in neighbors’ yards. Others, like I’Ashea Myles-Dihigo, visited devastated neighborhoods to bring supplies. Still others, like Stephen Zralek, rushed to court to successfully keep polls open longer, since the tornadoes hit on Super Tuesday and closed voting locations in the hardest-hit neighborhoods. We also have lawyers on the boards of Hands On Nashville and the Nashville Bar Association, both of which are helping coordinate disaster relief.   

If you want to help, please join us in assisting the Nashville relief efforts through these organizations:
“Nashville is an extraordinary city, and we will come back even stronger from this disaster,” Bone McAllester Norton President and CEO Charles Robert Bone said. “We are devastated by the destruction experienced this week, but we’re also confident in Nashville’s ability to rebuild. Seeing our neighbors and community members take care of each other over the past few days has proved Nashville’s resilience and incredible spirit. I am thankful for the safety of our Bone McAllester Norton friends and family and for the generosity of everyone who has asked how they can help Nashville recover.” 
If there is anything we can do to help our friends and neighbors in need of assistance, please call us at 615-238-6300 and ask for David Briley, who is coordinating our efforts.
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