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Client Launches Broadcasting Arm of the Acme Brand

Client,  Acme Feed and Seed, introduced Acme Radio in February.  This streaming-only station offers Acme's own live, unique music along with an alternative to traditional Nashville radio programming.  Owner Tom Morales lovingly refers to this as "Nashville's underbelly".    The idea is not world domination by streaming radio, but to give anyone who listens the opportunity to see what Nashville really is all about.

The station offers live radio shows, whether scheduled or impromptu as well as Vinyl Lunch, Pairs Well with Food,  B Hop Barribeau and more.

To read the entire Tennessean article, click here.

Middle Tennessee is Thirsty for Whiskey

This weekend's Tennessean was full of interesting details about the whiskey industry in Middle Tennessee, including the distilleries that make it and the bars that serve it.

It is only prudent that we discuss the spelling of whiskey before continuing.  The debate is real, folks.  This is a topic that has warranted discussion on blogs and articles all the way to the New York Times.

It would seem a generic rule of thumb is this:  countries with an "E" in their names, spell it WHISKEY (United States, Ireland) and countries without an "E" in their names spell it WHISKY (Japan, Canada, Scotland).

Several of our clients were mentioned in the articles, from Whiskey Nirvana to Give These Bars a Shot.



Total Wine & More is Making its Move to Tennessee

Total Wine And MoreTotal Wine And MoreTotal Wine & More, one of the largest wine retailers in the country and a BoneLaw client, is expanding into the Tennessee market this year.  As it stands, there are two stores slated to open in Middle Tennessee in 2016, one in Cool Springs and one in West Nashville.

This wine giant has plans to open eight to ten more stores across the state.

To read the full article in the Tennessean, click here.

Kung Fu Saloon in Nashville?

Photo Courtesy of www.kungfusaloon.comPhoto Courtesy of www.kungfusaloon.comWell this is exciting!  If it wasn't already obvious how the fabric of Nashville is changing and growing daily, this should clue you in.  Our client, Kung Fu Saloon, a bar and arcade, is opening on Division Street in Midtown this summer.

Midtown is the happening spot for many great watering holes and Kung Fu Saloon is no exception!  It joins the ranks of several greats - Broadway Brew House, The Patterson, Rebar. . .

Kung Fu Saloon describes itself as "part vintage arcade, part sports bar, and part late night dance party.  Kung Fu welcomes everyone on an equal basis without regard to race, color, or national origin."

We'll see you there!

To read the full article in The Tennessean, click here.

Bearded Iris, Alcoholic Beverage Team Client, opens in Germantown

Bearded IrisBearded IrisHello Lady Friend! You lovely fruity, spicy pale ale.   The Alcoholic Beverage Team of Bone McAllester Norton welcomes you and your friends to Germantown.

Bearded Iris offers a clever array of local, southern craft beer with unique brews new to the market.  The new brewery opens Saturday February 6, 2016 at its new 10,000 square foot establishment in Germantown, 101 Van Buren Street, 2 pm.

For more information about the Bearded Iris and its Murfreesboro native owners, Paul Vaughn and Kavon Togrye, click here.

For the full article in The Tennessean, click here.


The Alcoholic Beverage Team at Bone McAllester Norton offers a multi-disciplinary approach to not just licensing issues but the overall business success.  This Team provides federal, state and local licensing and regulatory compliance advice to clients in all tiers of the three-tier system.

We advise restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, resorts and venues with liquor, beer, dance, catering and special event licensing statewide in Tennessee. We also represent manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers of liquor, wine and beer with a special focus on manufacturing, importing and retail. We work with federal and state rules and regulations regarding advertising, marketing and commerce.

We regularly work with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission and have worked directly with many of Tennessee’s 300+ local beer boards. We defend citations and assist with enforcement matters, administrative hearings and in-state court actions challenging existing ordinances and statutes and regulations. Working with registered lobbyists, we draft state and local liquor legislation.

Our attorneys in real estate, construction, labor and employment, as well as in general corporate and tax matters, routinely provide practical, cost-efficient advice to our licensing clients. Taxation is a critical issue for licensees and permittees, and clients routinely request our assistance with compliance. The attorneys in the Alcoholic Beverage group have areas of focus that are complementary to their liquor law practice. We strive to be a one-stop shop.