Federal Disaster Assistance: Navigating the Process

A total of 27 Tennessee counties have been declared disaster areas by the federal government and the number continues to rise. FEMA funds will be available to those in the affected areas by registering online or over the phone. You will need Social Security numbers of all family members (including children).  Click here and follow instructions and/or call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or local (615) 790-5725.

FEMA will send someone to your property to assess damage. Be sure to document the damage and clean up efforts taking lots of pictures and/or video. There should be federal money available for hotels, temporary housing, repairs, construction costs, and even debris removal. Save all receipts as detailed documentation will be necessary to receive insurance reimbursement, to apply for grants and loans, and to take casualty tax write-offs for losses due to flood damage.

Contact your homeowner’s insurance as well. Tell them you wish to file a claim even if you think you don’t have flood insurance. You are entitled to have your situation reviewed by an adjuster.