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Nashville Film Festival Begins -- Good Time to Consider Legal Issues in Film

Get ready for some great films, Nashville.  Running continuously since 1969, this year's Nashville Film Festival is slated for April 18-25, 2013.  This year's Festival will also celebrate Kurdish Films, presented in part by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

This is also a great time to consider legal issues in film.  For film-makers, these range from obtaining clearance to use music in films to protecting your script and your work through copyright, both pre-publication and after the movie has been shown to the public; from protecting the name of your film and merchandise through trademark to obtaining permission to model characters after actual people (the "right of publicity"); and from drafting contracts to obtain financing to negotiating distribution deals.  When these issues aren't dealt with on the front end, confusion ensues, feelings get hurt, and lawsuits get filed.

For some good free resources, check out the websites of Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville and FilmNashville.  For more tailored advice, talk with your attorney or one who focuses on entertainment legal issues.

Stop by this year's Film Festival for not only a movie but also one of the panels that explore some of these specific legal issues.  Get your tickets here.