Paz Haynes Participates in Nationally Recognized Law Day Program

To commemorate Law Day in 2010, the Nashville Bar Association (NBA) produced a program commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Nashville Student Movement's lunch counter Sit-Ins.

  These Sit-Ins were a seminal event in the advancement of the Nashville community, and the civil rights movement nationwide.  The NBA's presentation honored the "Counsel for the Children" -- the local lawyers who defended the student demonstrators during the Sit-Ins -- with a mock trial involving several distinguished members of the Nashville bench and bar.

Paz Haynes was one of the producers of the program, and served as moderator for a panel discussion after the mock trial.  Two of the "Counsel for the Children," retired Tennessee Supreme Court justice Adolpho A. Birch and trial lawyer George E. ("Citizen") Barrett, shared their experiences and reflections on the Sit-Ins, the trials, and the lawyers and judges involved in these historic events.  The event was filmed to be shared and enjoyed by generations of lawyers.  The "Counsel for the Children" program recently received national acclaim when the NBA received a 2010 Law Day Outstanding Activity Award from the American Bar Association.

Bone McAllester Norton was a sponsor of the "Counsel for the Children" program.  "I was honored to participate in such a memorable and important program for the Nashville Bar,” said Paz. “Through its sponsorship of 'Counsel for the Children', our Firm has ensured that the program will be preserved and appreciated for years to come."