James Mackler Speaks to Federal Public Defender Panel

Attorney James Mackler was one of several presenters invited to speak with the Federal Public Defender’s office and members of the Federal Public Defender Panel. The entire afternoon was devoted to military issues. James focused his presentation on the structure and operation of the military justice system and how it compares to the civilian system. The information was intended to give civilian lawyers a better understanding of their military clients.

James concentrates his practice in the areas of civil litigation, regulatory compliance, and criminal defense where he has fifteen years of experience defending and prosecuting criminal cases at the state, federal, and military level. He also leads the firm’s veteran and military law efforts, helping former military members transition to the civilian sector and representing soldiers and officers in disciplinary hearings. This includes helping them develop entrepreneurial strategies as well as ensuring that veterans receive the services they need and deserve.


James Mackler creates Nashville Attorney Veterans Group

There is a unique bond among the small percentage of Americans who have served in the military. There is an even smaller subset of individuals who are both attorneys and veterans. As an attorney and recent veteran I was surprised to learn several months ago that there was no formal organization or even list of members of middle Tennessee lawyers with prior military service. It occurred to me that such an organization could be a great source of camaraderie and, more importantly, community service. Seeing the great potential for such a group, I began to email friends and colleagues to compile a list of interested attorney veterans.

Not surprisingly, the response was overwhelming. Middle Tennessee has a very strong community of lawyers who have served their country and there was clearly a pent up demand to join forces. The list grew quickly. On May 17, 2012, Judge Robert Echols hosted the first ever meeting of attorney veterans. We had approximately 30 attendees. There were lawyers and judges who had served in every conflict from World War II through Afghanistan. We also had nearly every military branch represented. The group enjoyed sharing war stories from both the battlefield and the courtroom. There was a strong consensus that we needed to meet again and begin planning some kind of outreach project that would combine our military backgrounds with our unique legal skills.

The attorney veterans group is off to a very strong start. Inspired by the growing organization, the Nashville Bar has now created a veterans committee. Our group is open to all lawyers in the middle Tennessee area who have served, or are currently serving, in any branch of the military. It is growing day by day. We are creating a more formalized organizational structure, working to choose our first service project, and planning our next meeting. We are very excited about the future. If you are an attorney with a military background and would like more information, please feel free to contact me at 615-238-6312.

Attorney James Mackler Discusses Pentagon's Investigation Into Cutting Military Pension Plans

James Mackler was interviewed by Channel 2 about the possible pension cuts facing the US Military.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Almost 10 years ago America, for the first time in modern history, was attacked at home.

Thousands of young men and women decided they couldn't sit at home. They wanted to serve.

Attorney James Mackler was one of them.

"I was in private practice for about seven years in Colorado and after September 11, I decided to join the army and be a part of the fight that was going on," Mackler recalled. "Our country had just been attacked, so I went to my local recruiting station and said, ‘Hey I want to join up.'"

Mackler went to flight school and in 2005 was deployed with the Ft. Campbell 101st Airborne Division as a Black Hawk Pilot. Today he's a Reservist back to practicing law in the private sector.


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