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Nashville Scene Reviews Smokin Thighs

The Nashville Scene’s Chris Chamberlain visited one of Bonelaw’s clients last week and chimed in on what all the hype is about. Smokin Thighs, which has had tremendous success as a food truck venture, has opened a brick-and-mortar location at 611 Wedgewood Ave., and as Chamberlain noted, they are on fire. Smoked chicken is the staple on the menu, prepared various ways and served alongside mac-and-cheese, corn and other non-fried side dishes. Diners can enjoy thighs, wings and legs with an assortment of sauces and rubs. In addition, the owner has added a few new items to the menu, including chicken burgers, a chicken wedge salad, a loaded baked potato salad and chicken nachos. Smokin Thighs currently serves high-gravity beers and liquor, and the firm’s Alcoholic Beverage Law practice is working to secure the appropriate permit for them to serve regular beer.

Read Chamberlain’s full review here.





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