Biden for President taps Stephen Zralek and David Briley of Bone McAllester to represent his Campaign on Super Tuesday

A few hours after deadly tornadoes closed some polls and forced others to open late on Super Tuesday, the Joe Biden for President campaign reached out to attorneys Stephen Zralek and David Briley to file a motion for temporary injunction to keep the polls open longer in Nashville.  Although the courthouse was closed, the Court agreed to let Stephen, David, lawyers for other candidates, and lawyers for the Election Commission argue.  Ultimately, Stephen and David prevailed, persuading the Court that polls across the city should be ordered to stay open later.  Stephen told The Tennessean: “Every voter in Nashville that is affected by the tornado, this is giving them the opportunity to do what they need to do, take care of their families and also select who they want to be president.”  Read more about the ruling here.

Stephen J Zralek Attorney at Bone McAllester Norton Professional indexStephen Zralek

C David Briley Attorney at Bone McAllester Norton Professional indexDavid Briley