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Convenience Stores Not Likely to Sell Wine, Bonelaw Attorney Tells Reporter

Bone McAllester Norton Alcoholic Beverage Law attorney Olatayo O. Atanda spoke with a reporter from The Daily Times in Maryville, Tenn. this week, explaining that the new Wine in Grocery Stores law excludes most convenience stores. In order to qualify, participating businesses must have 1,200 square feet of retail space, and 20 percent of its taxable sales must be from the sale of food that qualifies for the state’s 5 percent sales tax.

“They are simply not big enough, and they don’t sell food items that are taxed at the rate that is discussed in the statute. They sell cigarettes and chips and Coke. Things like that don’t count. They don’t sell meat and vegetables and things of that nature,” he said.

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