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Why I’m Voting for Charles Robert Bone for Mayor

Charles Robert Bone is my friend and law partner.  Having each begun practicing at other firms, we both joined Bone McAllester Norton PLLC in 2004.  Practicing beside him for the past 11 years gives me a unique perspective into his qualities that make him a great attorney and law partner.  I believe these same qualities will make him a great mayor:

    1. Shirtsleeves. It’s a term we use inside our firm to describe someone like Charles Robert – he rolls up his shirtsleeves and gets the job done.  He doesn’t seek credit, and he helps others shine.  When he joined the firm, it was his to inherit and he could have rested on his perceived laurels, but he kept his nose to the grindstone and outworked everyone. 

    2. Leadership. Charles Robert brings people to the table when no one else can.  He leads by example and is a natural facilitator and mediator.  Inside the firm, he helps us reach compromise, and everyone leaves the conversation feeling ownership of the idea and generally happy with the outcome.  If he can do that with a bunch of headstrong lawyers with strong opinions, think what he can do as mayor!

    3. Perspective. When things get tough or we face a bump in the road, Charles Robert doesn’t get rattled and he doesn’t get discouraged.  Instead, he sees the big picture and focuses on the end game.  He has an ability to find humor in many of life’s challenges that most of us would describe as difficult.

    4. Heart. Those sound bites from the debates where Charles Robert talks about taking care of the least among us?  They’re real.  He comes from a long line of servant-leaders, and he will make sure that we prioritize helping people who need an extra hand as much as we focus on economic development.

    5. Accessible Intelligence. Charles Robert is easy to relate to and incredibly smart, a rare combination.  He is a humble guy, who deflects attention.  People laugh at all those numbers he spouts in his commercials and speeches, but it’s no joke.  He can grasp extremely complicated concepts and details, including financials, then translate them into plain English for the rest of us.  I’d call him a grounded optimist: he is forward-thinking about the future, but not Pollyannaish.

Nashville is blessed with an abundance of passionate candidates for Mayor.  The above combination of personal characteristics is one of the main reasons why my vote is for Charles Robert.

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