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Bone McAllester Norton has a team of lawyers experienced in handling all aspects of employment-related disputes, representing both companies and individuals. While many law firms represent only companies or only individuals, we find that our experience as both plaintiff and defense counsel gives us a unique perspective that helps us to better advise and guide our clients, whether they are business entities, executives or employees.

Employment Disputes in Federal and State Courts

We have handled employment disputes in all federal and state courts and are experienced litigators with an extensive knowledge of the court system. We have an excellent reputation with the judiciary and are well-versed in the substantive legal and procedural issues that arise in the context of employment litigation. With substantial experience, our lawyers have been selected as Administrative Law Judges by governmental and quasi-governmental agencies to adjudicate and resolve labor and employment disputes. It is our goal, of course, to keep our clients out of court, and thus we work with them in day-to-day decision-making, whether it involves employee training, policy development, discipline or terminations.

Investigating Employee Claims

Unfortunately, the practical reality is that even the best employers have employee problems or disputes from time to time. Our labor and employment lawyers are very experienced as third-party investigators of employee claims and work with the client's regular counsel to ensure such investigations are thorough and confidential. We understand the importance of a respectful and appropriate process that gives employers the opportunity to address problems that arise. It is our hope these efforts avoid a larger, more expensive and public dispute in the courts.

Dealing with Federal and State Agencies

We have excellent rapport with federal and state officials whose agencies regulate and investigate business employment practices. Whether your company is being audited by the Department of Labor regarding your wage and hour practices or defending a charge of discrimination filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, we can assist in the process. We understand the importance of working with officials cooperatively but commit to being first and foremost an advocate for our clients.

Representing Employees

We advise executives and individuals regarding their rights and responsibilities associated with their employment. This sometimes means helping an employee make a graceful exit and pursuing compensation for past service and loyalty or advising an individual of post-employment restrictions and how that affects their flexibility with new employment. Employment problems can be extremely stressful and distracting. Our careers comprise a good portion of our time and thus a fruitful and fulfilling work experience is extremely important. If an issue arises within your employment, having competent but conservative legal counsel to advise you of your rights and responsibilities is an important part of finding a solution.

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